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Registration Instructions

Welcome to the online registration system. Please read the important information below before proceeding:

  • If you have previously registered online for other Community Ed programs such as EHour, sports or Swim America, then you already have an account in the system. Login and get started.
  • If you have not previously registered online for other Community Ed programs, the account set-up is quick and easy. See below for a step-by-step guide to creating an account and registering your child.
  • When setting up your account, if you receive a message that your email address is already recognized, simply select Log In and use the Forgot Password link to receive an email that will allow you to set your password and then begin utilizing your account. You will see your child listed in your account and will be able to make any necessary changes to their profile and enter additional children as needed.
How Adventure Club registration works


You can create your account in the system prior to registration opening.

Create Your Account

Register a New Account

If the system indicates your email address is already recognized, but you do not have your password, select the Send Forgot Password Email to receive an email with a link to set a new password. The system will redirect you to a Welcome screen on the Community Ed registration system page within 15 seconds of setting up your profile.

Adding Additional Family Members/Relationships to Your Account

This may include children, significant other, emergency contacts, etc. It is recommended that prior to beginning registration for Adventure Club, you add all family members and other relationships, including emergency contacts, to your account.

  1. From the Welcome Screen, Select the Manage Relationships box located below the Register Family Members heading.
  2. Use the Add Family Member/Relationship button to add family members. Complete the Add a New Person form and select the Create Person button.
  3. After entering each family member/relationship, you will be redirected back to the Welcome screen. You can continue to select Manage Your Family to add additional family members/relationships as needed.

Once you have completed adding all family members/relationships to your account, you are now ready to register for Adventure Club. See the Register Each Child directions below.


You cannot register your child(ren) for Adventure Club until the registration window opens.

Register Each Child

Adventure Club Registration

  1. Log in to the registration site.
  2. From the Welcome screen, under the banner Enroll In, select Adventure Club Before/After School Care and Summer Camps.
  3. Child Info: If children have already been added to your account, you will see them on the left-hand side of the screen in the Attending Child box. You may proceed with selecting a child to register and continue.
  4. If no children are shown on your account, complete the +Add New Child button. When finished completing the form, click the Add New Child button below. Note: If your child is currently in Preschool, please select Kindergarten and the year the child will enter Kindergarten. After verifying the child's information, proceed with registration by clicking the Looks Good. Start Registering Button.
  5. Verify Emergency Contacts and Authorized Pickups. Four emergency contacts/authorized pickups are required to be listed for your child. (You will be pre-populated as one of the emergency contacts.) There are two options for entering emergency contacts/authorized pickups:
    1. If you have previously added additional family members/relationships to your account, click the Add Emergency Contact button and then select Choose Existing Person. After entering all four emergency contacts/authorized pickups, click Verify Contacts/Pickups and Continue
    2. If you have not yet previously added additional family members/relationships to your account, you can do so by adding them on this screen. Click the Create New Emergency Contact button and input the requested information. When done, click on Create Emergency Contact at the bottom. The information will then be saved in your family profile. After entering all four emergency contacts/authorized pickups, click Verify Contacts/Pickups and Continue
  6. Season/Location: In the Choose a Season * drop-down box by the green leaf, select the program for which you are registering your child. Be sure you are selecting the correct school year. You will then be prompted below to select the Location by clicking on the school you would like to register for. Once complete, click Use Location and Continue.
  7. Terms and Conditions: Review terms and conditions. If agreed, check the I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions box and then click Accept Terms and Continue.
  8. Contract Schedule: Choose the days of the week that your child needs care and click Complete Schedule Setup and Continue.
  9. Registration Questions: Complete all questions and click Complete Questions and Continue.
  10. Saved Payment Method: If you do not already have a payment method saved or if you need to enter a new payment method, click the Add Saved Payment Method button. After saving your new payment method, click Complete Registration and Process
    Payments will be processed separately for each child's registration.
  11. Registration is complete, or you may add Non-School Days.

Add Non-School Days

  1. After completing your contract, select the option to Register Non-School Days.
  2. Choose the season for Non-School days for Parkway and Rockwood and choose the days you would like to enroll. Make sure to select only the days for your school district. After you choose the dates, you will be able to choose the location. Select Continue.
  3. Answer the questions for your contract and select Complete Questions at the bottom.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent when the Non-School days are approved.

Next Steps

  1. You will receive an email summary of your child's pending contract request. If a fee was charged at the time of registration, you will also receive an email receipt.
  2. Once the contract has been reviewed by Adventure Club staff, you will receive another email confirming your child's start date. Contacts will be approved based on staff availability. The registration fee will be charged to the payment method on file when the contact is approved.
  3. You also now have the following options:
    • Sign up another child for the same location
    • Register for other Community Ed programs by selecting Explore All Programs at the top of the page.
    • Logout

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.