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MOLearns is Missouri's FREE high school equivalency (HSE) preparation online classroom. Complete your lessons online, 24/7 at home, when it is most convenient for your schedule.

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About Our Teachers

Our FREE Adult Education & Literacy classes are taught by more than 60 certified teachers throughout the St. Louis area.

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You do not have to live in Parkway or Rockwood to take advantage of our free adult education classes.

Adult Education & Literacy

​​​​​We offer FREE programs in Basic Education/High School Equivalency, Citizenship and Civics, and English as a Second Language.  Get empowered through education and lifelong learning in order to acquire knowledge to succeed in the dynamics of a changing society and the workplace.

High School Equivalency (HSE/GED)

Need a High School Diploma?  Looking for Ways to Improve Your Skills? Our adult learning center offers a variety of free adult education services for individuals 17 and older.  Classes are individualized.  Students work at their own pace on the skills they need.

English as a Second Language

Are you motivated to succeed in the United States? Want to feel more confident when you interview for a job, apply to a university, or communicate with your physician or your child’s teacher?

You can conquer your fears of understanding and speaking English with our free classes.   Register now for FREE English classes to develop and/or improve your English grammar, reading, writing and speaking skills.

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