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Gold Card Teacher Feature - Sharing Her Passion

Angela Jurgensen enjoys sharing her passion of yoga with Community Ed participants.A couple of nights a week, you can usually find Angela Jurgensen at a Parkway or Rockwood school for a couple of hours connecting with the community and sharing what she loves - yoga.

“I teach yoga class because it’s my passion,” she said. “Yoga is so important because it makes you aware of your own body and your own thoughts. It’s a combination of mind, body and spirit.”

Angela has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and has been an instructor with Community Ed since 2016.  

“My classes are for anyone at any age and I like to make my students feel comfortable,” she said.

Angela works to create a warm and comfortable environment where her students can get the most out of their individual yoga experience.

“Angela is a very compassionate and caring yoga instructor,” yoga student Roberta Mueller said. “She wants each person to participate to their own physical limits and always stresses that the yoga practice we do is our own personal yoga practice. I look forward to this class every week.”

Her students aren’t the only ones who benefit from the class.

“I feel the reward in seeing everybody else making progress,” she said. “I feel complete with myself because I’m giving what I know to the community.”

While Angela came to Community Ed as a yoga instructor, she has stayed busy, teaching summer camps, mindfulness and vision board classes. 

“I really like working with Community Education because it is for everyone, no matter their age,” Angela said. “It’s very welcoming and I really love that.”