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Gold Card Feature - Staying Active in Retirement


Bob and Kathy hall have enjoyed a wide array of Community Ed programs in their retirement.​For Bob and Cathy Hall, there’s no slowing down in retirement.

“The whole key is you have to stay active no matter how you do it,” Bob said.

Cathy enjoys looking for ways to keep learning.
“My goal is to stay active and learn,” Cathy said. “I got my masters and bachelors in my 50s and I kind of missed that continual learning. So I’m trying to get back into it.”

Recently they ventured to Babler State Park for Community Ed’s Gold Card Archery program.
“The archery was fantastic,” Bob said. “Cathy hit the balloon on the target the first time and I got it on the last, but it was fun.”
“It was a good group of people,” Cathy said. “We’re trying to branch out and do more things together because a lot of times he does his thing and I do my thing and we’re trying to get some more common interests going.”

Another activity with Community Ed they’ve enjoyed doing is square dancing.

“Square dancing is a great activity,” Cathy said. “It’s great for mind and body and social skills as well.”

For years, Bob has also enjoyed the benefits of Community Ed aquatics programs at Crestview Middle.

“You have to stay active no matter if it’s square dancing, water aerobics, hiking, whatever you want to do - just keep active,” Bob said.

Which is why they choose Community Ed.

“Community Ed classes allow you to explore different areas of interest with a small time and financial commitment,” Cathy said