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Gold Card Feature - Firing Up the Brain Cells

Gleasons.jpgJohn and Anita Gleason have loved taking Community Ed classes over the years so much, even their son-in-law has taken notice.

 “Sometimes my daughter has come with her husband to the dance class with us and they’ve enjoyed it.” Anita said.  “Our son-in-law commented one time that ‘you guys do a lot in your community.’”

Indeed. Over the years they’ve taken a wide range of cooking, dance and finance classes. When the program guide hits their mailbox, they’ll each take their turn looking through it and then compare notes on which classes they want to take.

Why do they keep coming back?  “It’s always good to fire up the old brain cells,” Anita said.

The Gleasons have enjoyed a variety of cooking classes with instructor Kathleen Robbins.

“All the recipes we learned are in my recipe book now,” Anita said. “We do a plant-based diet and Kathleen had a lot of really good ideas.”

The Gleasons enjoy dancing almost as much as they do cooking but they haven’t experienced quite as much variety as they have taken the Beginning Country Line Dancing Class with instructor Beth Goyer several times.

“I’m so awful at dancing that it doesn’t hurt me to take the dance class over and over,” John joked.
John’s sister Peggy Martin has also taken a lot of the same classes with John and Anita.

No matter the class, they just enjoy having fun, getting out and learning.

“It’s a cheap date,” John said. “It’s a night out to do something different and is extremely reasonable cost wise. It’s always fun to learn.”​