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Club Costs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Participating in any club sport requires a financial commitment.  Rockwood Thunder believes individual team costs should be independent of other teams in the club to allow for each team to choose their preferred season schedule.  As a result, total costs will vary by team based on several factors, including total number of players on a team, number of tournaments played both locally and out of town, whether or not a team participates in fundraising opportunities, size of team coaching staff, etc.  

Average total ​costs per player range from $1,200-$3,000 per season.

To understand how the range of $1,200-$3,000 is determined, see below for a breakdown of the various costs associated with playing in Rockwood Thunder.  Several different payment options are available​ at NO additional charge.

Club Fees U11-U18 Teams $850 per player​​

​   Club Fees Cover:

  • Practice time(s): All teams practice a minimum of two times per week.  Teams may add additional practices/trainings throughout the year as needed at no additional cost to the team.
  • Strength & Conditioning Training
  • Specialty & Positional Clinics
  • Practice facilities
  • Equipment
  • Coach's Gateway Membership 
  • Coach's Impact certification, Safe Sport certification, training/education and equipment
  • Staff trainings and background checks as part of affiliation with Parkway and Rockwood School Districts
  • College recruiting services
  • Club opera​tional costs
  • Tournaments: each team plays an average of 10-15 local tournament dates. Through club fees, each team starts with a budget of $1125 for tournament fees.  If tournament fees are in excess of $1125, teams are required to pay those additional fees.​
Coaches Travel Expenses: average $0-$450 per player 

Coaches Stipend: $35​0-$55​0 per player​

Additional Tournament Cost: average $0-$500 per player​​

​Fundraising: Teams have the option to participate in fundraising activities to help offset individual team costs.

Additional Expenses
Uniforms: average $200 per player

​​​Returning players may not have to purchase additional uniforms based off of the team's jersey choices.

If a team qualifies for postseason play, additional expenses will apply for coaches travel, coaches stipend and tournament fees.  Postseason fees are not collected until a team has qualified or determined​ to participate in postseason play.​


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Coaches are critical to ensuring the ongoing success of the Rockwood Thunder Volleyball program. If you are interested in coaching, please contact Gretc​hen Moser.


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