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Pre-Season Camps & Clinics

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Shane Weber​​​​​
​​Associate Club Director
17 Elite/14 White​ Head Coach
Pre-Season Camps & Clinics


Rockwood Thunder Camps​ 2019

Pre-Season Volleyball Camp

For boys and girls interested in preparing for Gateway Region club tryouts.  This intense, two-hour, three-day camp under the leadershipo of Club Director Gretchen Moser and Club coaches will provide the type of experience athletes will encounter at club tryouts.  Maximum of 100 campers.

​​​​     Age Group​        Date​         Time​     Cost​      Register
​Ages U10-U12​     Oct. 7-9 7:00-9:00 pm​​     $95​  REGISTER HERE
​Ages U13-U14​     Oct. 14-16​ 7:00-9:00 pm​     $95​  REGISTER HERE

Pre-Season Volleyball Skills Cli​nics

These pre-season clinics are  girls interested in working on specific skills. Rockwood Thunder coaches will conduct the clinics and work individually with each athlete. Clinics will be held at Crestview Middle School or Eureka Annex. In order to register you must create an account and add your child.​​​

​​Ages U10-u12​        Date​       Time      ​Cost​     Register
​Attacking​​      Sept. 11​6:00-7:30 pm      ​$40  ​REGISTER HERE
​Defense​      Sept. 16​6:00-7:30 pm      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​All Skills​      Sept. 18 ​6:00-7:30 pm​      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​Game Night      ​Sept. 25​6:00-7:30 pm​      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​Setting​      Oct. 16​6:00-7:30 pm​      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​Serve/Serve Receive​      Oct. 21​6:00-7:30 pm​      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​Game Night​      Oct. 23​6:00-7:30 pm​      $40 REGISTER HERE
​Ages U13-U14​        Date​       Time  ​      Cost​      Register
​​Attacking​     Sept. 11​  7:45-9:15 pm​      $40​​  REGISTER HERE
​Defense​     Sept. 16​  7:45-9:15 pm​      $40  REGISTER HERE​
​All Skills​     Sept. 18​  7:45-9:15 pm​      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​Game Night​     Sept. 25​  7:45-9:15 pm​      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​Setting​     Oct. 9​  6:00-7:30 pm​      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​Serve/Serve Receive​     Oct. 21​  7:45-9:15 pm​      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​Game Night     Oct. 23​​  7:45-9:15 pm​      $40​  REGISTER HERE
​Ages U15-U18​       Date​        Time​      Cost​      Register
​Attacking​     Nov. 11​  6:00-8:00 pm​      $45​  REGISTER HERE
​Defense​     Nov. 13​  6:00-8:00 pm​      $45 REGISTER HERE
​Complete VB Athlete​     Nov. 18​  6:00-8:00 pm​      $45​  REGISTER HERE
​Game Night​     Nov. 20​  6:00-8:00 pm​      $45​  REGISTER HERE​


Rockwood Thunder Volleyball Club
1401 Froesel Drive
Ellisville, MO 63011

Call or text us at 636.891.6644

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Coaches are critical to ensuring the ongoing success of the Rockwood Thunder Volleyball program. If you are interested in coaching, please contact Gretc​hen Moser.


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