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Referee/Score Keeping Clinic
Referee/Score Keeping Clinic

​​​​​​​​​​All U10-U18 Rockwood Thunder Players are expected to complete the Referee/Score Keeping Training every year. We normally schedule our Refereeing and Score Keeping Clinics in December each year.

2019 Referee & Score Keeping Clinic
Referee/Score Keeping Clinics are required by the Gateway Region. Rockwood Thunder has a strong reputation for producing players that are skilled in efficiently running games in an orderly manner. Other Tournament Directors commonly compliment our teams on running games smoothly. It's a reputation that we would like to continue, but it requires a commitment from each player and team to strive to understand the rule updates from year to year and to become confident in the rulings that we make while judging each game.

This year we will only have 1 session for the Clinic. It is important that each team try to have their entire team attend during their scheduled session due to the format of the clinic. The clinics are for both the Boys and Girls teams. 

Held o​n Sunday, December 8, 2019, 9:00am Lafayette High School

Time: 9:00am​
Lafayette High School
17050 Clayton Rd, Wildwood, MO 63011
Parents must attend for U10-U12, or older if the player is new to the sport.

Why is it Important? This is part of a larger effort by USAV and the Gateway Region to improve player (and parent) understanding of the rules, and it makes the games go faster if the calls are made accurately and the score sheets are updated quickly. Coaches are required to enter if the training was completed for each player as part of finalizing the Team's Rosters.


Pre-Work: Complete 2019 Online Video Resources
USAV and the Gateway Region have made several training videos, aids, forms, etc. to help athletes and parents better understand how to both Referee (up, down, and lines) and Score Keep (scoring, libero tracking, "flipper", etc.). Links to this information can be found under Resources page. 

1) All teams are required to participate. Format will be a mega-scrimmage.  All teams will have the opportunity to compete and practice their scorekeeping and officiating duties several times throughout the day.

2) Wevwill be doing a club wide photo around noon for all players.

What to Bring/Wear

1) Pencil and paper. Score Keepers should have both a pen and pencil to record the different portions of the score sheet.

2) Wear volleyball attire, we will be competing against other teams so you need to be prepared to play.​

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