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Lights On Afterschool 2017
Lights On Afterschool 2017

Lights On Afterschool 2017​In America today, 11.3 million children are alone and unsupervised after school. Afterschool programs keep kids safe and engaged, help working families and inspire learning. Lights On Afterschool is the only nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs like Adventure Club and its importance in the lives of children, f​amilies and communities.

Lights On Afterschool was launced in October of 2000 with celebrations in 1,200 communities nationwide. The following year 3,600 events took place. Today, more than 8,000 Lights On Afterschool rallies are held annually, attracting 1 million Americans.

Be sure to visit your Adventure Club site's table to see what is happening at your school on October 26. Last year events included special breakfasts, kid/parent games, family nights and more.

Lights On Afterschool is a project of the Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that all children have access to quality, affordable afterschool programs. Former Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger has served as Chair of Lights On Afterschool since 2001.


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