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Adventure Club Explores World of Robotics
Adventure Club Explores World of Robotics

‚ÄčOur Adventure Club is incorporating more STEM learning opportunities as part of its before/after school program curriculum. At Ridge Meadows, students have had a blast exploring the world of robotics with their newest friends, robots Dot and Dash.

"I knew I wanted to take our program in the direction of more STEM activities," said Pam Nihiser, Ridge Meadows Adventure Club Facilitator. "It's really easy to find activities for the younger kids, for the older kids sometimes it can be more difficult and I knew that STEM was something that could engage all of them."

Rockwood School District STEM Coordinator Bob Deneau and Instructional Technology Specialist Alison Hancock visited Ridge Meadows and gave the students a tutorial on robotics and programming. Deneau said developing programs to control the robots helps students in a wide variety of ways including developing problem-solving skills and improving math proficiency.

"We need to start giving students opportunities to explore problems in a way that's comfortable to them," Deneau said. "As they become better problems solvers with things like robotics that's going to translate into other areas. Students also begin to see a connection between things they learn in math class and applying that math in programs they write to control the robots. Opportunities like this at Ridge Meadows Adventure Club are a great chance for students to explore and play while learning."

See and hear more about the robotics and STEM program with Adventure Club at Ridge Meadows in the below video.


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