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 Parent Testimonial

​​"My kids looked forward to each lesson and made great progress. It was so fantastic to see them really enjoy learning and it was all because of your staff.  Each coach was so knowledgeable, kind and a wonderful role model."
- Kristine R. 
SwimAmerica Parent

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Learn To Swim

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SwimAmerica maintains a great swimmer to instructor ratio.SwimAmerica

SwimAmerica is a state-of-the-art learn to swim program developed by the American Swim Coaches Association. The program is open to all residents of the Parkway and Rockwood School Districts and is located at Crestview Middle School, Rockwood Summit High and Eureka High schools (availability varies by location depending on time of year).  

Hear from a SwimAmerica parent and instructor to learn more about what SwimAmerica is all about.

Ten Stages of SwimAmerica​
All ten stages teach safety, fitness, health and fun. Each station emphasizes proper techniques with attention given to correct body position, movement of arms and legs, breathing and timing of the strokes.  ​

​S​​​tation 1: Bubbles​Station ​6: Backstroke
​Station 2: Floats and Glides​Station 7: Breaststroke
​Station 3: Kicking​Station 8: Butterfly
​Station 4: Crawl Stroke​Station 9: Lifetime Strokes
​Station 5: Freestyle​Station 10: Individual Medley

Additional SwimAmerica Class Offerings

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR)​ - ​Infant Swimming Resource goes beyond traditional swimming instruction by teaching ISR Self-Rescue techniques to help children survive should they find themselves in the water alone. Offered in parntership with Certified ISR Instructor Christie Cloutmean. View schedule and register today.​ ​

Parent/Child - SwimAmerica's Parent/Child classes are designed to have parents in the pool while children learn swimming through the use of songs and games. View sc​​​​hedule and register today.​

Preschool Class - The preschool program is designed for ages 3 to 5 learning fundamental skills, such as blowing bubbles, floating and kicking in a small class environment. Vie​w schedule and register today.

Private Lessons - Private swim lessons ar​e for all ages and levels of swimmers who feel they will progress faster with one-on-one instruction. View schedule and register today.

Pre-Competitive Swim Programs - This program is for the swimmer who wants to go to the next level beyond the instructional SwimAmerica group lessons as well as those swimmers who would like to swim year round but is not ready to commit to a competitive swim club. View available programs and register today.

Adult Beginners - Small group swim lessons for adult beginners and non swimmers, ages 19 and up. Our goal is to make everyone safe and not afraid of the water. More advanced adult swimmers should go to one of the master swim practices. View schedule and register today.​


16025 Clayton Rd.
Ellisville, MO 63011

Call or text us at 636.891.6644

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