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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I enroll in Adventure Club?
  • When does registration open for Adventure Club for school year and summer?
  • I completed an online application for Adventure Club. Does that mean I'm enrolled and ready to go?
  • What are the rates for Adventure Club before/after school care program?
  • Why do I get charged the same monthly tuition during holiday months?
  • What is the availability for before and after care Adventure Club?
  • How late can I register for non-school days holiday care?
  • My child is currently on a wait list. When will he/she be let in the program?
  • How do I make a schedule change?
  • How do I make changes to my contact information, authorized pick ups, etc.?
  • How does drop-off/pick-up work for Adventure Club?
  • What time can we drop off in the morning/pick up in the afternoon?
  • What happens if I'm delayed and can't pick up on time?
  • Can I do drop in care or flex the days my child attends week to week for AC?
  • How do I withdraw from the program?
  • I forgot what dates and location I registered for non-school days. How do I find this information?
  • How do I update my payment method if it changed?
  • How do I set up auto pay?
  • Can I split payments with other individuals on my account?
  • Do you accept State payment Assistance?
  • Does my child qualify for free or reduced cost E-Hour classes because we attend Adventure Club?
  • How do I get a tax statement for Adventure Club?
  • Do current Adventure Club families get priority when registration opens for the next school year?
  • How do I apply the Community Ed summer promotion discount to my Adventure Club SummerLink/the Zone registration?
  • I am leaving the country on holiday/vacation for a month? Can I pause my account?
  • I still have additional questions. Who do I contact for more information about Adventure Club?



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1401 Froesel Drive
Ellisville, MO 63011

Call us at 636.891.6675 · Text us at 636.891.6644

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