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1401 Froesel Drive, Ellisville, MO 63011 · Phone 636.891.6644 ·

Community Ed offers many adult fitness programs including Tai Chi.

Silver Card


​The Silver Card program is FREE to individuals age 60 and older throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area living outside the Parkway and Rockwood School Districts boundaries.  

Benefits of Silver Card Membership

Silver Card Member benefits include:

  • Unlimited discounts up to 20% off many Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed programs.  Discount applies to both in-person and online programs.
  • A special Silver Card Newsletter by email three times per year filled with information just for you.
  • Special offers throughout the year including discounted show tickets or access to early registration.
  • Special email and gift from us during your birthday month.

What do I need to know?

Each qualifying individual age 60 or older must have a Silver Card issued in his or her name prior to receiving discounts for a Community Ed program.

Request a Silver Card Today!

Complete this online form to obtain your Silver Card or call or text us at 636-891-6644.