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Stay Active, Stay Connected & Have Fun this Winter!

Stay Active, Stay Connected & Have Fun this Winter!

We want to meet families where they are in terms of comfort level in participating in programs. That's why we're offering over 400 online and in-person programs for youth, families and adults.

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Stay Active, Engaged & Learning

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Where Learning and Fun Meet

It’s so refreshing to see your children excited to be somewhere that engages them, all while being with their friends

I look forward to my yoga class every week for the wonderful stretches as well as the resulting calming and centering feelings.

I really like working for Community Ed because it’s for everyone, no matter their age. It’s very welcoming and I really love that.

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We care about your experience.

At Community Education, we constantly strive to make programs more enriching, accessible and engaging so you have the best experience possible while learning and having fun.